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Is your kitchen healthy?

Would you cook more if your kitchen was just a liiittle better? Do you feel like you’re either cleaning up utensils as you cook just to use them and put them back in the sink or you’re running around grabbing utensils all the while making sure something isn’t burning? Maybe cooking isn’t your issue. Maybe you like hanging out in your kitchen because it’s the coziest nook in your house, except now you are closer to all the food and can’t help eating everything in sight. Well here are my top three tips for making your kitchen just a teeny bit healthier to keep you chugging along on your health journey.

1. Keep junk food out of sight and in higher places

I’m a bored eater - I know I am more likely to eat something out of boredom. I could slam through a bag of chips, munch on chocolate, and shove anything else in sight when I’m bored. One of the ways I stop this from happening is by putting these items in cabinets I don’t usually check. Out of sight, out of mind! And since I already have fresh fruit on the counter, I’m more likely to grab some more nutrient dense instead of calorie dense.

2. Keep a clean counter top

Have you ever tried cooking in a kitchen where the counter tops are so cluttered with junk? It makes cooking difficult and not a pleasurable experience. Other than fresh fruit, paper towels, and a set of knives, my counter top is pretty empty. I like to keep a clean counter top so my kitchen is a more enjoyable place to be.

3. Keep fruits and vegetables on the counter

Having your fresh fruits and vegetables out on the counter or in plain site will make you more likely to grab one when you’re hungry or bored. Plus, the more you see it, the more you want it, right?

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